Aanhangfiets Add+Bike 20 Inch Junior 3SP Blue

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Leverantör: Roland
ROLAND trailer Add + Bike trailer bike 20 inch wheel With three-speed gearbox, steel frame, Sram Spectro 3-speed freewheel hub with twist grip, incl. Carrier for the towing bike rack for the add + bike optional, incl. Fastening for different frame sizes (26 "-28") of the migratory cycle, with height and angle adjustable handlebar, aluminum holkamervelg 21-406 with tire (Schwalbe Marathon 40-406 Reflex) without chain and bell, saddle height with quick release buckle adjustable. Through a practical pull snapper is the add + bike with a click quickly and safely to the special luggage carrier of the bicycle towing confirms. This application of the add + bike and the short distance of the handle provide a very good and safe driving. Further advantages are: In conjunction with the add + bike on bicycle towing also made a kinderduo or arrested axes. The add + bike can be perfectly stored by the short shaft anywhere. Size and weight data: - Length add + bike approx 119cm - Carrying Capacity of add + bike: up to 32kg - Carrying Capacity of the special carrier of the bicycle towing: up to 20 kg