BMX Turbo 12 Inch 19 cm Boys Coaster Brake Blue

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Artikelnummer: 310733
Leverantör: AMIGO
AMIGO BMX Turbo Boy's Bike Take on the tracks with the AMIGO BMX Turbo! With this little speed bike you race to your destination in no-time. The bike has mudguards and visible reflectors. Comfortable, sturdy, and safe, because the strong brakes bring every speed devil to a quick stop. Vrooooom, there he goes! Closed Chain Guard By safely shielding the chain, you will not get your clothes dirty. It also prevents the chain from getting dirty so that it functions properly. But these are all side notes when you see how cool the chain guard is. With cool stripes and the logo of the AMIGO BMX Turbo incorporated into the design, you will undoubtedly steal the show. Strong Tires The name ‘BMX Fun’ hints at an experience with a lot of fun and stunts. The strong tires ensure that you do not have to doubt that! Due to the sturdy profile, it makes it easy to take your bike off-road. They are made for any terrain and are supported by equally sturdy aluminum rims. Get ready for an adventure! Attention to Detail The cool design of the AMIGO BMX Turbo grasps anyone’s attention at first sight. The frame and even the saddle are decorated with speedy stripes and the logo. The colors are perfectly matched and provide the bike with the swagger that every boy wants. So get on your AMIGO BMX Turbo quickly and conquer the tracks! AMIGO At AMIGO we have a bike size for anyone! The bike is crafted through a Dutch design for a welcoming price. Children take their first little trips through the streets with these cheerful bicycles. The sturdy side wheels help the children to gain confidence and maintain their balance. The bicycles have a stable frame and are available in numerous colors and tire sizes. Let AMIGO be your next best friend! General specifications: Colour: blue Gender: boys Frame material: steel Weight: approx. 9.5 kg Tyres: black pneumatic tyres AMIGO M1500 12 x 2.00 inch (50-203) Rims: single wall aluminium rims Gears: 1 Specifications sizes: Wheel size: 12 inch Frame size: 19 cm Saddle height: 45 cm (in the lowest position, measured from the ground) Saddle height adjustable: yes Brake specifications: Rear brake type: backpedal brake Front brake type: V-brake Specifications accessories: Chain guard: closed chain guard Side wheels: yes, detachable Lighting: front and rear reflectors with bracket Bicycle bell: yes