Cool Rider 16 Inch 25,4 cm Boys Caliper Blue

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Leverantör: Volare
For all boys who want to cycle to school quickly and want to look cool, there is this Cool Rider children's bicycle from Volare! A tough bike for boys that makes every child's heart beat faster. This blue bike (with a wheel size of 16 inches) guarantees a lot of riding fun! A tough, well-equipped bike The Cool Rider boys' bicycle has everything you need. Because it is made of the best materials, it is certainly suitable for cruising around! It is equipped with sturdy wheels with aluminum rims and adjustable steel spokes. This bike has two hand brakes, high handlebars and a bike bell. The handles are made of lovely, soft rubber, making them comfortable to hold. Hit the streets, ride to the skate park and live it up! Eye for detail With the Cool Rider, a lot of attention has been paid to the details. This boys' bike with a wheel size of 16 inches, is in terms of appearance not inferior to a real BMX bike. The colors are perfectly matched, so they come out extra nice and create a tough look! The saddle is adjustable in height, so it always sits well The bike for your child Are you looking for a tough and sturdy boys' bike? The Cool Rider children's bike is highly recommended for children aged four to six! This sturdy bike attracts all the attention of passersby. Cruising around the streets and looking cool at the same time, that's what every child wants, right? General specifications: Color: blue Gender: boys Frame material: steel Material rims: aluminium Material spokes: steel Adjustable spokes: yes Type of tires: pneumatic tires Gears: no Weight: approx. 12,5 kg Age: from 4 to 6 years Specifications sizes: Wheel size: 16 inch Frame size: 25.4 cm Saddle height: 54 - 59 cm Seat height adjustable: yes Handlebar height adjustable: no Specifications brakes: Rear brake type: fixed brake Front brake type: coaster brake Specifications of accessories: Chain box: chain looper Sideswheels: no Bicycle bell: yes