Hello Kitty 16 Inch 27 cm Girls Caliper White/Pink

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For beginning cyclists, the Hello Kitty children's bike from Dino is the perfect entry-level model. The white and pink girls bike (with a wheel size of 16 inches) lets you learn cycling by trial and error! The first lap! A good basis is the beginning of everything! That is why the best materials have been used for this children's bike. The steel frame guarantees safe and solid quality. With the removable training wheels you are extra stable. The closed chain guard, prevents tearing and dirt in clothing. Already a little more advanced with practice? Then you can increase the speed. Eye-catching on the road The colorful Hello Kitty children's bike immediately catches the eye! With a wheel size of 16 inches, the bike is suitable for the little ones. The matching doll's seat and bicycle basket make it possible to take along cuddly toys and dolls for a cosy picnic! The best (first) bike choice This girls bike from Dino is a good basis for the first pedal movements. If everything goes well, try a ride without training wheels. Looking for the perfect first bike? Then go for the 164R model in Hello Kitty style and you will make that little girl completely happy! General Specifications: Model: 164R-HK Color: white, pink Gender: Girls Frame material: steel Material mudguards: plastic Age indication: 4 to 6 years Weight: approx. 7.8 kg Specifications sizes: Wheel size: 16 inch Frame size: 27 cm Suitable for body length: 103 - 118 cm Specifications brakes: Rear brake type: coaster brake Front brake type: coaster brake Specifications of accessories: Mudguards: yes, above front and rear wheel Chain guard: closed Handlebars: yes, with extra grip Pedals: anti-slip Wheels: spoked wheels Sideswheels: yes Doll's seat: yes Bike basket: yes