bicycle seat for Mini black

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Yepp Mini bike seat for. Safe on the road with your little thanks to the Yepp Mini . This lightweight front seat has an enlarged entrance and ample dimensions allowing your child easily deployed and can be removed and so you can have hours of fun you bicycle seat. The Yepp Mini is at the correct height adjustable footrests with integrated foot protection and is equipped with a 5-point harness with shoulder protection. Your child is properly secured in the child seat and will not suffer the belt. This lightweight seat is made of an innovative material schokabsoberend closed-cell, where (rain) water does not penetrate, is antibacterial and easy to clean. The stuurpenadapter with windshield mounting ensures that the seat fits almost any bike. With an adapter, you can quickly transfer the seat to another bicycle. Incidentally, the seat is equipped with an anti-theft lock. This bicycle seat black in color and is suitable for children from 9 months t / m +/- 3 years (15 kg). features: - Suitable for children from 9 months to approximately 3 years. - 9 to 15 kg.. - Weight: 2500 grams - Colour Black - Mounting: Stem - Equipped with a 5-point harness The Yepp Mini comes complete with a stuurpenadapter and can be mounted on steel stems from 20 to 28 mm.