Cooper 16 Inch Boys Coaster Brake Matte black

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Artikelnummer: 650046
Leverantör: Supersuper
Supersuper Cooper boys-bike The Cooper has something special! This small, tough version of the famous transport bike has spacious carriers which are very stylish. With this sturdy go-getter you can take on the whole world. Strong enough for a big tour and a battle with the wind General specifications: Frame colour: matt black Handlebar colour: silver, brown Rims colour: black Tyre colour: brown Gender: boys Frame material: steel Material rims: aluminium Material handles: plastic Wheel size: 16 inch Specifications brakes: Type of front brake: V-brake Rear brake type: back-pedal brake Specifications accessories: Chain guard: closed Sideswheels: no Front carrier: yes Reflector: yes Reflector: back, front, wheels