Daily Dutch Basic+ 22 Inch 36 cm Girls 3SP Coaster Brake Matte black

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Artikelnummer: 346622
Leverantör: Popal
Looking for a trendy bike for school children? The traditionally shaped Daily Dutch Basic+ transport bike is equipped with a double carrier. No bag is too much! Both front and rear can easily carry luggage for school or sports activities. This matte black girls bike from Popal has a wheel size of 22 inches. And is suitable for ages seven to nine years. Super functional Problems with headwinds or hills are history. With the Daily Dutch Basic+ you will cycle effortlessly through or over them. The children's bike is equipped with three Shimano Nexus gears. This means that you can take full advantage of all surfaces and weather conditions. Going a little too fast? No problem, the steel frame can take a beating! The back pedal brake and V-brake will not let you down either. The jacket protector prevents dangerous situations and tears in clothing. Custom-made comfort All those hours on the bike, then comfort is definitely a requirement. The grips are comfortable to hold, the rubber also provides the right grip. The soft saddle is adjustable in height. And so it can be perfectly adjusted to the right height, so a comfortable ride is guaranteed! Not on the bike? Park the bike carefree and safe with the handy ring lock. Stylish and safe The traditionally shaped frame of the matte black girls bike has a closed chain guard. The brown-colored handles and saddle provide a nice color contrast. Give a ring to the bike bell, and you'll tear past in style! Besides looking good on the bike you also want to be seen in the dark or at dusk. The children's bike is equipped with LED lighting, so you are clearly visible both front and back. With all modern conveniences! Are you looking for a bike for daily use, which has everything you really need? This traditional transport bike makes cycling extra fun and makes transporting luggage very easy! In addition, the Daily Dutch Basic+ children's bike from Popal looks super stylish on the sports field or in the bike shed at school! General specifications: Color: matt black Gender: girls Frame material: steel Material rims: aluminium Material mudguards: steel Age indication: 7 to 9 years Weight: approx. 19 kg Specifications sizes: Wheel size: 22 inch Frame size: 36 cm Suitable for body length: 124 - 134 cm Seat height adjustable: yes Specifications brakes: Rear brake type: back-pedal brake Front brake type: V-brake Gear specifications: Number of gears: 3 (Shimano Nexus) Gear type: hub gear Specifications lighting: Front light: yes, battery operated led lights Rear light: yes, led, battery operated Specifications accessories: Mudguards: yes, above front and rear wheel Jailbreaker: yes, sides rear wheel Chain guard: closed Bike stand: yes, single Pedals: anti-slip Front carrier: yes Rear carrier: yes Bicycle bell: yes Lock: ring lock