Disney Frozen 14 Inch 23,5 cm Girls Coaster Brake Blue

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Artikelnummer: 338691
Leverantör: Kubbinga
Kubbinga Disney Frozen girl's bike This cute girl's bike is perfect for real Disney Frozen-fans! He has a beautiful blue color with all kinds of prints of Frozen. In the doll's seat you can take a favorite doll or cuddly toy with you and in the basket you can take extra luggage. Furthermore, the bike is equipped with side wheels, coaster brake and front pinch brake. What girl doesn't want this bike now? General specifications: Colour: blue Gender: girls Material frame: steel Material rim: steel Wheel size: 14 inch Frame size: 23.5 cm Handlebar stem: fixed Seat post sprung: no Front fork suspension: no Gears: none Weight: approx. 11 kg Specifications braking: Front brake type: pinch brake Rear brake type: back-pedal brake Lighting specifications: Lighting for: reflector Lighting behind: reflector Specifications accessories: Chain guard: closed Side wheels: yes, detachable Doll's seat: yes Bicycle basket: yes Bicycle bell: yes