Galaxy 14 Inch 22,5 cm Boys Coaster Brake Black/Green

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Artikelnummer: 650095
Leverantör: AMIGO
AMIGO Galaxy boys-bike The AMIGO Galaxy is a safe and cool bike that your child will love to ride. It is an excellent children's bike that offers stability to beginning cyclists. This bike clearly stands out from the rest due to its beautiful design and optimal comfort! Eye for detail The AMIGO Galaxy immediately stands out with its cool universe look, how cool! This bike will draw all the attention of your child on the street. The colors are perfectly matched, and provide a very cool look. Extra sturdy frame With a sturdy bike like the Galaxy, there is a great temptation to ride really fast. Of course this requires a frame that is as sturdy as possible. You can rely on the light steel frame, so all your child has to do is think about where he wants to go. He'll almost feel like he's floating on this cool Galaxy bike! Closed Chain Guard The chain guard is securely locked. This ensures that the chain is protected against different types of dirt. Your child's clothes will also stay clean. An additional advantage is that the chain guard is provided with fun, striking colours and you can even see a star print on it. This makes it a perfect match with the rest of the bike and your child will undoubtedly steal the show on the road. The bike for your child Are you looking for a beautiful, sturdy children's bike? Then the AMIGO Galaxy is the ideal bike for your child! With this sturdy, cool bike he will draw all the attention of passers-by. Riding around on a beautiful bike, that is what every child wants, right? With or without training wheels Children's bicycles up to 16 inch are delivered to us standard with training wheels. These help the child to keep its balance. This way children can safely get used to steering and pedalling and they will learn step by step how to cycle properly. Mount the side wheels as straight as possible and leave them one centimetre off the ground. They do not have to touch the ground. In this way, children unconsciously learn to keep their balance. When your child is ready, simply remove the training wheels from the bike. AMIGO At AMIGO we have a bike buddy for everyone! Genuine Dutch design, at a very friendly price. With these cheerful bikes, children can make their first little trips through the streets. The sturdy training wheels help children to keep their balance while they get used to the pedal and steering movements. The bikes have a stable frame and are available in many different colours and tyre sizes. Will AMIGO be your child's new best friend? General specifications: Colour: black, green Gender: boys Frame material: steel Material rims: steel Gears: 1 Wheel size: 14 inch Frame size: 22,5 cm Specifications brakes: Rear brake: back pedal brake Front brake: V-brake Specifications accessories: Sideswheels: yes Bicycle stand: no Chain guard: closed Reflector: front, rear, wheel, pedal Bicycle bell: yes Lock: no