Glow Junior Black

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SmarTrike Glow Off on an exciting voyage of discovery! On the smarTrike Glow children from 0 to 36 months discover their surroundings while playing. Thanks to the patented Touch Steering Technology and the 360 degree swivel wheel, parents can effortlessly steer the tricycle with small movements. With just one click the tricycle turns into a pram. Furthermore the tricycle has a UV resistant sunshade, safety belt, safety bar, foldable footrests and pedals. Phase 1 (from 15 months): Comfort and fun Your baby will enjoy a safe and comfortable ride sitting upright, with their feet on the foldable toddler footrest. Stage 2 (from 18 months): Develops valuable skills The seat converts while parents push and steer the tricycle. Baby enjoys the ride while developing confidence, balance and motor skills. Phase 3 (from 24 months): Learning to pedal The push tricycle becomes a training tricycle. Set the control knob on the front mudguard to child mode so that kids can learn to pedal and steer. Phase 4 (from 30 to 36 months): Supports independence Remove the parent handle and let your toddler enjoy pedaling independently. The Glow Junior includes several options: Effortless touch control Simply touch the parent handle and the tricycle intuitively moves in the direction you want it to go. The parent control button Decide in an instant who controls the tricycle; simply press the red button on the front wheel fender and turn the wheel 180° to switch between parent and child controls. 2-stage training pedals Let your toddler practice pedaling while you maintain control of the tricycle. When they're ready, turn on the 2nd pedal and watch them pedal independently. Front wheel shock absorber No bumps in the road for your little adventurer. smarTrike tricycles are equipped with shock absorbers on the front wheel to ensure a smooth ride for all ages. Storage With a large storage bag, console for parenting supplies and toy basket, this tricycle can hold everything you and your toddler need while out for a walk. Specifications: Color: black Gender: junior Material chassis: steel Material wheels: plastic, rubber Dimensions: 97 x 49,5 x 102 cm (L x W x H) Adjustable backrest: no Locking brake: yes Foldable footrests and pedals Sunshade (foldable, removable and UV resistant) 360 degree swivel castor The four stages are as follows: Stage 1 controlled by parents: By 10 months, your child is comfortably seated in the high-back seat. At this stage, you as a parent control the tricycle Phase 2 accompanying tricycle: When your child is bigger (+18 months), the high back seat is removed. Your child is still protected by the safety bar. You as a parent have full control. Phase 3 training tricycle: At 24 months, the footrests are folded out and your child learns to pedal. Phase 3 classic tricycle: At 36 months, the parent push button is removed. The red shift button is pressed and the trike switches from stroller to tricycle mode. Your child can now ride and cycle on their own.