Gradient 20 Inch 28 cm Boys 6SP Mechanical disc brake Black/Red

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Leverantör: Volare
For all boys who want to cycle to school quickly and want to look striking there is this Gradient children's bike from Volare! A tough bike for boys that makes every child's heart beat faster. This black bike with colored rims (with a wheel size of 20 inches) guarantees a lot of riding fun! Lightweight The Volare Gradient boys' bicycle is a flexible, lightweight bicycle. The frame is made of ultra-light aluminum. Also parts like the handlebars and rims are made of aluminum. This allows you to cycle more comfortably and make speed more easily. Pedaling is less heavy, so children can easily make longer distances and cycle faster A comfortable, well-equipped bike Such a sturdy bike invites you to ride it hard! Of course this calls for a comfortable and well-equipped bike. This children's bike has an aluminum smart control system, which ensures that the handlebars are limited (not adjustable in height). In addition, the bike has beautiful extra wide air tires and to reduce speed it has two luxury disc brakes. The six gears make it even easier and more challenging to start cycling. The handles are made of lovely soft rubber, so they fit nicely in your hand and offer extra comfort. Striking appearance Wouldn't you like nothing better than to stand out with such a cool bike? We totally get it! The different colored rims give the sleek design a special appearance. With this bike you will attract all the attention on the street! For safety, the bike has reflectors on the front and back and the bell lets you know you're coming around the corner. The bike for your child Are you looking for a tough, boys' bike? The Gradient children's bike is a lightweight boys' bike with six gears and sturdy, extra wide pneumatic tires. With a wheel size of 20 inches, the bike is suitable for children between 6 and 8 years old. Thanks to the special design the bike attracts all the attention of passers-by. Riding around on a beautiful bike, that's what every child wants, right? General Specifications: Color: black Rims color: red, orange Gender: boys Frame material: aluminium Material grips: rubber Material rims: aluminium Material stand: aluminium Type of tires: pneumatic tires (2.8 Boost Fat Tires) Stem: fixed Suspension: no Age: from 6 to 8 years Weight: 16 kgs Specifications sizes Wheel size: 20 inch Frame size: 28,5 cm Saddle height in lowest position: 60 cm Seat height adjustable: yes Specifications brakes: Front brake type: disc brake Rear brake type: disc brake Gear Specifications: Gear type: derailleur Number of gears: 6 Specifications of accessories: Chain guard: open Bottle holder: no Mudguards: no Stand: yes Side wheels: no Bicycle bell: yes