Liberty 16 Inch 25,4 cm Girls Coaster Brake White

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Artikelnummer: 507863
Leverantör: Volare
Learning to ride a bike takes time, courage and perseverance! A good solid base is therefore very important. The white Liberty children's bike from Volare (with a wheel size of 16 inches) is perfect for the novice cyclist. The side wheels serve as extra support! The coolest qualities The Liberty transport bike is equipped with double bike rack. Both front and rear luggage can be transported for school or sports activities. Of course, quality also means the best materials. Robust steel with integrated rear carrier in the frame provide a sleek and modern design! Appearance and style The beautifully shaped white girls' bike has subtle flowers on the closed chain guard. The brown-colored handles and saddle also provide a nice color contrast. Psst... the saddle is super soft, which provides extra comfort. Give a ring to the bike bell, and you'll tear past in style! Growing up bike! They grow up so fast! And to give them a new bike every year, that's obviously not what you're waiting for. Volare has thought about that. The Liberty bicycle has an adjustable saddle and handlebars That way, the little lady can enjoy it for an extra long time. Let's go for a bike ride! We can all remember the first time we rode our bikes! And how important it was to find the perfect bike with a cool look! That's why the Liberty 16 inch girls bike from Volare is the ideal children's bike to become a real speed demon! General specifications: Color: white Gender: girls Material frame: steel Material rims: steel Material grips: rubber Age indication: 4 to 6 years Weight: approx. 11 kg Specifications sizes: Wheel size: 16 inch Frame size: 25.4 cm Saddle height in last position: 53 cm Inseam: 53 - 64 cm Suitable for body length: 103 - 118 cm Height adjustable: yes, saddle and handlebar Specifications brakes: Rear brake type: back-pedal brake Front brake type: V-brake Specifications of accessories: Mudguards: yes, above front and rear wheel Chain guard: closed Wheels: spoked wheels Side wheels: yes, detachable Front carrier: yes Rear carrier: yes Bicycle bell: yes