Little Miss 18 Inch 28 cm Girls Coaster Brake White/Pink

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Artikelnummer: 503911
Leverantör: Supersuper
Supersuper Little Miss girl's bicycle Viva la magic! While the garlands blow in the wind, the butterflies on this sturdy bike carry you through your magical world. With the seat, you can easily take your favorite buddy with you on all your distant journeys. Your belongings can be put in the basket on the handlebars. The world is #supersuper! General specifications: Frame colour: white, pink Handlebar colour: silver, brown Colour of rims: white Colour of tyres: brown Gender: girls Frame material: steel Rims material: aluminium Material handles: rubber Wheel size: 18 inches Frame size: 28 cm Body length: from 116 to 122 cm Age: from 5 to 8 years Brake specifications: Front brake type: none Rear brake type: backpedal brake Lighting specifications: Type of lighting: reflector Rear light type: reflector Specifications accessories: Bicycle bell: yes Chain guard: closed Doll's seat: yes Basket: yes Side wheels: yes Reflection: yes (spokes)