Lovely 14 Inch 26 cm Girls Coaster Brake Red/White

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Artikelnummer: 530920
Leverantör: Volare
With spring in the offing, a pleasant bike ride with the whole family can't be missed. For the youngest of the family a decent children's bike is a must. In addition, a stylish model is just as important! The 14 inch Lovely girls bike from Volare is carried out in cheerful red color and finished with fresh white details. GOOD START A good basis is the start of everything! That's why the best materials have been used for this children's bike. The steel frame is solidly built and the handles give the perfect grip. Super comfortable with the soft rubber saddle! That's just a good start for the first activities on the bike. The removable side wheels serve as an extra support. In addition, the closed chain guard prevents tears and dirt in clothing. Fast, faster, fastest! Give a ring to the bike bell, ZOEF.... There you go! Effortlessly cycle past everyone, but watch out! Will you slow down at the traffic lights? Don't worry, the back pedal brake will bring you to a halt quickly and effortlessly. You can also use the pinch brake on the front wheel to reduce your speed. Enjoy for a long time With a wheel size of 14 inches, the bike is perfect for the small and novice cyclists. This children's bike has both an adjustable saddle and handlebars! So the little lady can enjoy it for a long time. Suitable for ages three to five years. Spring fever! The Lovely girls bike with fresh design immediately catches the eye because of the butterflies and flowers on the frame! The matching doll's seat and bicycle basket allow you to take along soft toys and dolls for a fun picnic. Cycle into spring! General Specifications: Color: red, white Gender: girls Frame material: steel Material rims: steel Material saddle: rubber Material grips: rubber Material mudguards: plastic Age indication: 3 to 5 years Weight: approx. 9 kg Specifications sizes: Wheel size: 14 inch Frame size: 26 cm Inseam length: 54 cm Saddle height in last position: 47 cm Suitable for body length: 98 - 108 cm Height adjustable: yes, saddle and handlebar Specifications brakes: Rear brake type: back-pedal brake Front brake type: coaster brake Specifications accessories: Mudguards: yes, above front and rear wheel Chain guard: closed Wheels: spoked wheels Side wheels: yes, detachable Bike basket: yes Doll's seat: yes Bicycle bell: yes