Melody 20 Inch 30 cm Girls Coaster Brake Red

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Looking for a modern bicycle for school children? The Melody transport bike is equipped with a front luggage carrier. This makes it easy to transport luggage for school or sports activities. This red girls bike has a wheel size of 20 inches. And is suitable for ages six to eight years. Lightweight and fast The frame of this children's bike is made of ultra-light aluminum and weighs 12 pounds! All unnecessary accessories have been left out. From the bell to the stand or handlebar, it is all made of aluminum. This way you will cycle super fast from school to home and vice versa! Comfort on the go All those hours on the bike, then comfort is definitely a requirement. With Innova's pneumatic tires, it's like riding over the clouds. The Kraton handles are extra comfortable to hold. This delicious soft rubber also provides the right grip. And with the round shaped seat, a comfortable ride is guaranteed! Appearance and style The beautifully shaped frame of the red girls' bike is equipped with a pistol type chain guard. The brown colored handles and saddle provide a nice color contrast. Give a ring to the bike bell, and you'll tear past in style! Shine a beam Of course you also want to shine in the dark or at dusk. The children's bike is equipped with a front light, rear light and reflectors so you are clearly visible from all sides. This way you will be in the spotlight in the dark! Growth bike! They grow up so fast! And you don't want to have to give them a new bike every year. Volare has thought about that. The seat tube is designed low with an extra long adjustable seat post. In addition to the saddle, the handlebars are also adjustable. So this Melody bicycle grows with you, as it were! The all-in-one bike! Are you looking for a bike for the daily things in life? Like school, sports and meeting up with friends. This modern girl's bike makes cycling extra fun and makes transporting luggage very easy! In addition, the Melody children's bike from Volar super stylish on the sports field or in the bike shed at school! General specifications: Color: red Gender: girls Frame material: aluminium Material rims: aluminium Material brakes: aluminium Material grips: rubber (Kraton) Pneumatic tires: Innova Age indication: 6 to 8 years Weight: approx. 12 kg Specifications sizes: Wheel size: 20 inch Frame size: 30 cm Inside leg length: 64 cm Saddle height in last position: 59 cm Suitable for body length: 118 - 128 cm Height adjustable: yes, saddle and handlebar Specifications brakes: Rear brake type: back pedal brake Front brake type: V-brake Specifications lighting: Front light: yes, battery operated led lights Rear light: yes, led, battery powered Reflectors: yes, on the spokes and the pedals Specifications of accessories: Mudguards: yes, above front and rear wheels Chain guard: gun type Bike stand: yes, single Front luggage carrier: yes Bicycle bell: yes