Minnie Cutest Ever! 16 Inch 29 cm Girls Coaster Brake Pink

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Not fully mastered the art of cycling yet? Then maybe a children's bike with detachable training wheels is the solution. The 16 inch Minnie Cutest Ever! girls bike is a solid foundation for the first experiences on the bike. The pink and purple bike is not only sturdy but also has a mega happy character! Solid design Learning to ride a bike and keeping your balance at the same time can still be quite difficult. The strong steel frame of this children's bike is extra stable due to the removable side wheels. The handles give the right grip and the saddle is comfortable, which is a good start for the first activities on the bike! The closed chaincase prevents dangerous situations such as snagged clothes or trapped fingers. Fast, Faster, Fastest! There you go! Effortlessly cycle past everyone, but watch out! Will you slow down in oncoming traffic? The pinch brake on the front wheel helps you slow down and with the coaster brake on the rear wheel you will be stopped within seconds. Growing up Especially at a young age, children grow incredibly fast. But rest assured both the saddle and handlebars are adjustable in height, so you can easily adjust the bike to all body proportions. This children's bike with wheel size 16 inches is suitable for ages four to six. Go for a ride! The Disney Minnie Cutest Ever! girls' bike with cute appearance immediately catches the eye with its colorful print. The matching bike basket makes it possible to take along cuddly toys and dolls for a nice picnic! General Specifications: Color: pink, purple, white Gender: girls Material frame: steel Material rims: steel Tires: pneumatic tires (white) Age indication: 4 to 6 years Max. loadable weight: 60 kg Weight: approx. 12.5 kg Specifications sizes: Wheel size: 16 inches Frame size: 29 cm Inseam length: 48-52 cm Suitable for body height: 103-118 cm Adjustable saddle height: yes, 42-46 cm Adjustable handlebar height: yes Brake specifications: Front brake type: pinch brake Type rear brake: coaster brake Lighting specifications: Lighting front: reflector Lighting rear: reflector Specifications accessories: Mudguards: yes, above front and rear wheel Side wheels: yes, detachable Chainguard: closed Bicycle basket: yes