Motobike 16 Inch 25,5 cm Boys Coaster Brake Green

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Artikelnummer: 122885
Leverantör: Volare
The Volare Motobike is the ideal bike for the toughest kids. This children's bike is the perfect choice for boys to cycle to school, sports or friends. The bike looks like a real dirt bike, so every boy wants to ride this. The Volare Motobike races in no time to any destination! Unique appearance This tough bike for boys looks like a real motocross bike. Every detail has been thought of, which makes this bike unique. From the sturdy frame and chain guard to the fenders and extra wide tires. But also the front fender and the real racing saddle make the Volare Motobike a very cool cross bike. The colors are perfectly matched and provide an incredibly cool look. With a cool design and flames incorporated into the design, you will look like a real crosser! A sturdy and robust frame With a sturdy bike like this Motobike, the temptation is great to ride really fast. That is why we have thought about a sturdy steel frame. The enclosed chain guard and mudguards serve as protection and prevent tears and dirt from getting into clothing. But that's all secondary when you see how cool the chain guard is. Well-equipped bike With a wheel size of 16 inches, this cool motorcycle is suitable for boys aged 4 to 6 years. To come to a quick stop while cruising, the bike has both a hand and a back pedal brake. To keep a good balance this boys bike has a handbrake at the front and a backpedal brake at the back. Also, this children's bike has removable training wheels, which makes practicing pedaling and steering easier and provides stability. Once cycling is better, you can go a step further without the training wheels. The handlebar height is adjustable, so the bike can be properly tuned for an ergonomic seating position. So you learn the best cycling! A bike for tough guys This boys bike is the dream of every boy! On the Volare Motobike every boy wants to cycle to his friends or school. This sturdy, cool bike attracts all attention of passers-by. Crossen through the streets on this super cool Motobike of Volare! Specifications: Color: green Gender: boys Material frame: steel Material rims: steel Material mudguard / chain guard: plastic Type of tires: pneumatic tires Adjustable spokes: yes Weight: approx. 15 kg Age: from 4 to 6 years Specifications sizes: Wheel size: 16 inch Frame size: 25.4 cm Inseam: 56 - 61 cm Saddle height: 56 cm (in lowest position) Saddle height adjustable: No Handlebar height adjustable: Yes Specifications brakes: Front brake: pinch brake Rear brake: back-pedal brake Specifications accessories: Chain guard: closed Sideswheels: yes Reflectors: yes, in front and rear wheel Stand: no