Speeder 14 Inch 24 cm Boys Coaster Brake Black/Blue

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The Speeder from AMIGO is a really robust (cross) bike. For example, the frame of this boys' bike is not usually round but has clean angular lines. The 14-inch children's bike even resembles a motocross bike because of the sturdy fenders and the tires with rough tread and enormous grip. Cross town and country at high speeds on your new black and blue Speeder! Psstt.... not a lot of cycling experience yet? The removable side wheels will give you the right balance. The pluses at a glance: [+] '3-piece crank' for the smoothest riding experience [+] Effective braking power with back-pedal brake and V-Brake [+] Long-lasting new value thanks to three double coating [+] Refined finish: stickers fixed under the paint [-] Steel frame is heavier than aluminum, but rock solid and more economical! [-] When removing the side wheels there is no stand (available separately) Unimpeded and safe through traffic Thanks to the 3-piece crank, the first pedal movements feel smooth as you can experience on no other children's bike. Such a 3-piece crank consists of separate parts which makes movements more streamlined than with a single piece crank that is forged in one piece. In addition, the 3-piece crank also has a much longer lifespan. The entire pedal system is neatly hidden behind a closed chaincase. This gives a low-maintenance and safe character to the bicycle. A convincing braking system On our Speeder you naturally go super fast, which of course requires effective and safe braking. With the back-pedal brake you stand still immediately. Do you want to brake more specifically or reduce speed a little? Then use the V-Brake on the aluminum front rim, which is a lot more powerful than a regular pinch brake. In addition to a lubricated ride, you also want to feel safe on the bike. With the help of the reflectors at the front, rear, on the spokes and even on the pedals, you will be highly visible! ROBUST, even in the long run! The strong steel frame is coated with no less than three layers of lacquer paint, so the bike stays beautiful even when falling down and standing up. Even the decals are covered with paint, so the design remains unaffected year after year On top of that, both the handlebars and the saddle are adjustable in height. A durable idea, because you can keep riding around on this 14 inch boys bike (with frame size of 24 centimeters) for a long time. Suitable for ages between three and five. AMIGO, ready to move AMIGO gets you moving! With products with a fun and fresh design, at a surprisingly low price. The AMIGO collection consists of (electric) bikes, bike parts and accessories, scooters, skates, balance bikes and trampolines. Because we develop AMIGO products ourselves and buy them directly from the factory, we can guarantee not only good quality, but also a good price! So AMIGO also makes your free time just that little bit more fun. AMIGO, ready to move! General Specifications: Color: black, blue, white Gender: boys Material frame: steel Material rims: aluminum Material fenders: plastic Tires: pneumatic tires (black/white) Age indication: 3 to 5 years Weight: approx. 9.6 kg Specifications sizes: Wheel size: 14 inches Frame size: 24 cm Suitable for body height: 98-108 cm Saddle height: 48 cm (in the lowest position, measured from the ground) Adjustable saddle height: yes Height-adjustable handlebar: yes Brake specifications: Front brake type: V-Brake Rear brake type: back-pedal brake Lighting specifications: Lighting front: reflector Lighting rear: reflector Specifications accessories: Mounting hardware: includes wrench and Allen wrench Mudguards: yes, above front and rear wheel Side wheels: yes, detachable Chainguard: closed Bell: yes