Xtreme Kids 20 Inch 33 cm Boys Coaster Brake Black/Blue

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Artikelnummer: 307267
Leverantör: AMIGO
AMIGO Xtreme Kids Boy's bike This boy bike will make your ride to school, sports fields, or friends way more exciting and safe. The sturdy frame allows children to go safely through traffic. And no matter how fast they ride, the strong V-and-coast brake quickly brings any speed devil to a quick stop. The AMIGO Xtreme Kids is also equipped with a bell and lighting. A hearty children’s bike for lots of cycling fun! Attention to Detail The attention to detail on the AMIGO Xtreme Kids makes anyone stand out and have their most joyful biking experience. The bike is stylishly decorated with colors that complement each other on the frame, chain guard, and even the saddle! Closed Chain Guard By safely shielding the chain, you will not get your clothes dirty. It also prevents the chain from getting dirty so that it keeps functioning properly. But these are all side notes when you see how cool the chain guard is. The colors you will let you undoubtedly steal the show. So get on your bike quickly and show off with your new ride! A Bike That Grows With You TOM understands that you want to use your bike as long as possible. That’s why we have made sure that both the saddle and the handlebars are easy to adjust. This is not only useful when children grow, but it also ensures an ergonomic sitting position. A lot of problems are avoided when the mechanics are adjusted properly! The Bike For You Are you looking for a hearty and cool boy's bike? Then the AMIGO Extreme Kids is the right choice for you! The bike will bring you to your destination safely and without any problems. ! AMIGO AMIGO provides bike sizes for anyone! The bike is crafted through a Dutch design for a welcoming price. Children take their first little trips through the streets with these cheerful bicycles. The sturdy side wheels help the children to gain confidence and maintain their balance. The bicycles have a stable frame and are available in numerous colors and different tire sizes. Let AMIGO be your next best friend! General specifications: Colour: black/blue Gender: boys Frame material: steel Weight: approx. 14.4 kg Tyres: black pneumatic tyres AMIGO M1500 20 x 2,125 inches (57-406) Rims: single wall aluminium rims Gears: 1 Specifications sizes: Wheel size: 20 inch Frame size: 33 cm Saddle height: 65 cm (in the lowest position, measured from the ground) Saddle height-adjustable: Yes Brake specifications: Rear brake type: backpedal brake Front brake type: v-brake Lighting specifications: Front light: LED lighting on battery Taillight: Battery operated LED light Specifications accessories: Chain guard: Closed chain guard Bicycle bell: Yes Bicycle stand: Yes