Daily Dutch Basic+ 28 Inch 50 cm Men 3SP Coaster Brake Matte black

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Artikelnummer: 502757
Leverantör: Popal
A bike for every day This classic Popal Daily Dutch Basic+ men's bicycle is finished in timeless matte black and features 28-inch tires. On this bike you go to school, work, the store or a party. If the wind is against you or you encounter a small bridge or viaduct, the 3 gears ensure that you can make the right choice for every challenge. The ideal transport bike The 50 cm steel frame has a double top tube which provides extra strength and also gives the bike its robust appearance. The frame tubes are thicker than those of a normal city bike. On the lightweight front carrier you can easily carry a bag or other items without having to hang anything from your handlebars or having to cycle with one hand loose. Together with the carrier at the back you can take everything with you on this men's bike without sacrificing cycling comfort. A classic contemporary design The comfortable dark brown saddle with striking chrome spiral springs provides a retro look. It can't be missing on this typically Dutch bicycle. The handles and cheeks of the tires are the same color and complete the classic look. The black chain guard and fender are also style icons that fit perfectly with this Popal Daily Dutch Basic+. Robust and safe The robustness also benefits safety. The sturdy double stand keeps the bike securely in place when you park it in a bike shed, at home or at work. The LED lighting and the reflectors in the spokes make sure you are clearly visible in traffic. If you are looking for a sturdy and stylish men's bicycle, the Popal Daily Dutch Basic+ is the perfect bike for you. General specifications: Frame color: matt black Handlebar color: brown Saddle color: brown Tire color: black, brown Gender: male Wheel size: 28 inch Frame size: 50 cm Suspension fork: no Suspension seat post: no Stem: adjustable Body length: from 155 to 170 cm Material: Frame: steel Rims: aluminium Spokes: steel Mudguards: synthetic material Saddle: rubber Specifications brakes: Front brake type: V-brake Rear brake type: Shimano back-pedal brake Gear specifications: Number of gears: 3 Gear type: Shimano Nexus hub gear Specifications lighting: Front light: led battery light Rear light: led-battery lights Specifications of accessories: Chain guard: closed Front carrier: yes Lock: ring lock Stand: double Quick couplers: no Reflector: yes Bicycle bell: yes