Montebella 28 Inch 53 cm Women Coaster Brake Light blue

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Artikelnummer: 503119
Leverantör: Popal
This Montabella ladies bike from Popal is an elegant and playful model that excels in simplicity. An ideal bike for running errands or for a nice bike ride around town. With all modern conveniences! This beautiful light blue Montabelle ladies bike has 28 inch wheels. The bike is made of steel and therefore very strong. It has front and rear lights, a back-pedal brake and with the handy ring lock you can park your bike wherever you want! The stem is adjustable, this ensures a comfortable position. In addition, the Motabelle is equipped with a suspension saddle. This ladies bike is equipped with all comforts! General specifications: Frame color: light blue Handlebar color: brown Saddle color: brown Color of tires: white Frame material: steel Material rims: aluminium Material spokes: steel Material saddle: plastic Gender: ladies Suspension fork: no Suspension saddle: yes Stem: adjustable Specifications sizes: Wheel size: 28 inch Frame size: 53 cm Body length: from 170 to 180 cm Specifications brakes: Front brake type: none Rear brake type: back-pedal brake Gear specifications: Number of gears: 1 Specifications lighting: Front light: led battery light Taillight: led-battery lights Specifications of accessories: Chain box: open Lock: ring lock Stand: single Luggage carrier: no Reflector: yes