Amigo Go One 28 Inch 57 cm Women Coaster Brake Matte black

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Artikelnummer: 1013278
Leverantör: AMIGO

On the AMIGO Go One you will ride around without a care in the world! The AMIGO Go One is a timeless, trendy transport bike you can rely on. Completely equipped with front and rear carrier, enclosed chain guard, jacket protectors and excellent lighting: this bike is equipped with all the conveniences. Are you looking for a bike that is truly ideal for daily use for your short trips? Then the AMIGO Go One is exactly what you are looking for. User-friendly  With a bike, it is of course all about being able to go on your daily rides without any problems. With the AMIGO Go One we've done everything we can to make that happen. With front and rear carrier, good lighting and a very comfortable saddle, this transport bike will give you a lot of riding pleasure. Also, the bike has a low step, so you can easily get on and quickly cycle away. In short, you will not find a more user-friendly transport bike quickly. Beautiful design At AMIGO we do everything we can to make our bikes stand out with a beautiful design. With the design of the AMIGO Go One we more than succeeded, even if we say so ourselves. The chic color and brown details of the saddle and grips give the bike a classic and timeless look. The closed chain guard ensures that the chain is neatly concealed, but also keeps your clothes clean. Ideal (school) bike  The AMIGO Go One is sturdy and reliable and therefore ideal as a school bike. The frame is made of strong and durable steel, which ensures that it can take a beating. With the front and rear carrier you have enough room for a heavy school bag. So you can easily carry all your stuff. It is also handy for shopping or for cycling to work. The Amigo Go One women's bike has no gears, so maintenance is minimal. And you won't need those gears for a short ride anyway! A bike that lasts  The frame of the bike is made of strong and durable steel, which ensures that it can take a beating. Because the AMIGO Go One has no gears, maintenance is minimal. The materials used and the robust components mean you will be able to enjoy this bicycle for years to come! The perfect bike for you  Are you looking for the right transport bike? Then the AMIGO Go One is the perfect bike for you! This women's bike makes cycling a lot of fun! An ideal bike for all your daily needs, such as going to school, shopping or work. Not only super durable but also very stylish! What more could you ask for? AMIGO At AMIGO we have a bike buddy for everyone! Genuine Dutch design, and at a very friendly price. From cheerful children's bikes to bikes for adults: the quality is always top priority. The bikes have a stable frame and are available in numerous colors and different tire sizes. Have you also discovered our new electric bikes? The collection at AMIGO is constantly growing, so you too can find your cycling buddy. General specifications: Color: matt black Sticker color: gold Gender: ladies Frame material: steel Material rims: aluminium Material spokes: steel Material mudguards: steel Suspended front fork: no Suspension seat post: no Stem: fixed Gears: none Tires: AMIGO M-4001 Toro 28 x 1.50 (40-622) Saddle: Cruiser Specifications sizes: Wheel size: 28 inch Frame size: 57 cm Specifications brakes: Front brake type: V-brake Rear brake type: back-pedal brake Specifications lighting: Front light: JY-327A battery light Rear light: JY-287R battery light Reflectors: yes Specifications accessories: Chain guard: closed Front carrier: yes Rear carrier: yes Mudguards: yes Jasper guard: yes Stand: double Quick fasteners: yes (not visible on photo) Bicycle bell: yes Non-slip pedals: yes