Oma Export 28 Inch 57 cm Women 3SP Coaster Brake Black

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Artikelnummer: 472439
Leverantör: Avalon

Avalon Export granny bike This robust Avalon granny bike is ideal for touring the city. The bike has a closed chain guard, a back pedal brake, a sturdy luggage carrier and jacket protectors. The black frame in combination with the cream-colored tires gives a retro look. The bike is produced in the Netherlands and is therefore well equipped for the Dutch climate and traffic. General specifications: Wheel size: 28 inch Frame size: 57 cm (174 - 192 cm) Gender: ladies Color: black Saddle and grips color: black Handlebar: Humpert Bottom bracket: Thun Rims: Schothorst Type brake: backpedal brake (Shimano) Specifications tires: Type of tire: line tires Color: cream Size: 28 x 1 1/2 inch Gear specifications: Number of gears: 3 Gear type: Shimano Nexus hub gears Specifications accessories: Chain guard: closed Stand: double Lighting: led lighting (batteries) Quick-release straps: no