Sway 28 Inch 47 cm Women 3SP Roller brakes Matte blue

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Artikelnummer: 304416
Leverantör: Popal
The Sway e-bike from Popal is focused on comfort and endless cycling pleasure. The matte blue 28 inch ladies bike is powered by a front wheel motor running on a powerful 504 Wh battery. On this city bike (with a frame size of 47 centimeters) you can easily use the Shimano Nexus 3 hub gears and switch effortlessly between all your activities. Add to that a range that will take you up to 100 kilometers in the best conditions. Nothing stands in the way of you going out for a whole day. The plus points at a glance: [Low maintenance Shimano Nexus 3 hub gears [High comfort through suspension fork and seat post [Powerful battery of 504 Wh [+] Three gears [+] Robust Shimano Rollerbrakes [Range from 80-100 km The highest support The Popal Sway e-bike supports you up to 25 km/h from the front wheel motor. This motor takes its energy from the 504 Wh battery which is integrated in the carrier. In addition, the electric bike is made of lightweight material (aluminum) which makes the bike weigh only 27.5 kg and allows you to go even faster against the slightest resistance. Add to that the hub gears (Shimano Nexus 3) to get the most out of your bike ride Braking This electric bike is equipped with Shimano Rollerbrake rear brake and V-brake front brake. This combination allows you to safely participate in traffic. You can easily keep up with other road users and come to a stop at a traffic light in no time Sway! The Sway is a practical e-bike that will get you to your destination without any huffing or puffing. This matte blue women's bike from Popal with suspension fork and suspension seat post provides optimum comfort and is also very stylish General specifications: Color: matt blue Gender: ladies Frame material: aluminium Material rim: aluminium Material mudguard: plastic Wheel size: 28 inch Frame size: 47 cm Handlebar stem: fixed Seat post adjustable: yes Front fork suspension: yes Weight: approx. 27,5 kg Gear specifications: Gear shift: 3 (Shimano Nexus 3RB) Gear shift type: hub Drive specifications: Drive position: front wheel Battery type: 36V 14Ah / 504Wh Motor type: 36V - 250W front wheel motor Removable battery: yes Range: 80-100 km Max. speed: 25 km p/h Specifications brakes: Front brake type: v-brake (Shimano) Rear brake type: rollerbrake (Shimano) Specifications lighting: Front lighting: batteries Lighting rear: battery operated Specifications of accessories: Bike stand: single stand Chain guard: closed Jasper protectors: yes Luggage carrier: yes Lock: yes, AXA Solid Bicycle bell: yes