E-City S1 28 Inch 51 cm Women 3SP Rim Brakes Blue Grey

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Artikelnummer: 1020221
Leverantör: AMIGO
The timeless AMIGO E-City S1 is a versatile, practical city bike. With its no-nonsense character, you have the perfect e-bike for daily use and at the same time cycle around on a sleekly designed city bike. The 28-inch women's bike (with a frame size of 51 centimeters) has a beautiful blue-gray color and is finished with black details. With the MXUS front-wheel motor, Shimano Nexus 3 hub gears and an action radius of up to 110 kilometers, you will enjoy cycling away! The pluses at a glance: [+] Low maintenance hub gear Shimano Nexus 3 [+] Range from 46 to 110 km Carefree on the road With the E-City S1 from AMIGO you will hit the road carefree. The range of 46 to 110 km (average consumption ±64 km) allows you to cover long distances and is ready for a long bike ride! The bike has a maximum speed of up to 25km/h. Want to take a quiet seat on the terrace? With the ring lock and the adjustable stand, the bike is safe and stable. The 460 Wh battery is neatly hidden under the luggage rack and easy to remove. Charging the battery on the go is no problem! Comfortable support The low-noise MXUS GDF07 front-wheel motor of the E-City S1 gives you ideal support. The rotation sensor registers the rotation of the bottom bracket and provides the right support based on the speed of rotation. Even if you don't apply much power, you get comfortable support right away. Add to this the Shimano Nexus 3 hub gears plus the three levels of support (controlled via LED display) and you have an electric bike on which you will enjoy riding around. Low maintenance The E-City S1 is equipped with a closed chaincase, Shimano Nexus 3 hub gears and MXUS front-wheel motor. These closed systems ensure that the rotating parts are well protected from external influences. This makes this AMIGO model an electric bike that requires very little maintenance. Stylishly through the week! The ideal electric women's bike with a sleek and sporty design. These external features combined with the excellent specifications make this e-bike a solid foundation for any ride! Go for a nice day out or bike the daily ride to work. Be surprised by the functionality and sporty character of the E-City S1! AMIGOready to move AMIGO gets you moving! With products with a fun and fresh design, at a surprisingly low price. The AMIGO collection consists of (electric) bikes, bike parts and accessories, scooters, skates and balance bikes. Available to everyone, because very competitively priced. So AMIGO also makes your free time just that little bit more fun. AMIGO ready to move! General specifications: Color: blue-grey Model color: Grey-Blue Metallic Glossy (YS-2439) Gender: ladies Material frame: Aluminum Material rim: aluminum Tires: Maxxis Overdrive Excel (black) Saddle: Rimani Attiu (black) Grips: Herrmans 90 (black) Wheel size: 28 inch Frame size: 51 cm Handlebar stem: adjustable Seat post suspension: no Front fork: springable: no Weight: 27 kg Gear specifications: Gears: 3 (Shimano Nexus) Gear type: hub gear Drive specifications: Battery position: integrated in luggage carrier Drive position: front wheel Battery type: 36V 12.8 Ah / 460wh, Lithium Ion, Greenway YJ-07 Battery charging time: 6 - 7 hours Engine type: MXUS GDF07, front wheel motor Removable battery: yes Range: ± 64 KM (average consumption) MIN/MAX range: 46 - 110 KM Max. speed: 25 km/h Display specifications: Display type: led Display model: KT LED-890 Detachable display: no Operation: see manual (under downloads) Number of support modes: 3 levels Speed indicator: yes Battery percentage: yes Walkassist: yes Brake specifications: Front brake type: V-Brake Type rear brake: V-Brake Lighting specifications: Front lights: Marwi (battery pack) Lighting rear: Marwi (battery) Specifications accessories: Bike stand: yes, adjustable Chain guard: closed Luggage carrier: yes Quick tires: yes Bell: yes Lock: Axa Solid Plus frame lock, with plug-in facility (ART** suitable for insurance)