Fly 20 Inch Junior Rim Brakes Black

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AMIGO Fly BMX bike The AMIGO Fly invites you to go for a nice spin. But you will soon notice that you are riding a special BMX bike, made of strong and durable materials. This means it can take a beating and you can do all sorts of cool stunts. The small and light wheels make the bike very manoeuvrable, so you can go as crazy as you want. Front and rear brake At AMIGO we like to go for safety and quality, because then you can really trust our bikes. This starts with good brakes! That's why we choose for front and rear brakes on AMIGO Fly, which you operate with your hands, so you can stop as soon as possible. For many stunts the brakes are also crucial. And that is what a BMX is all about, isn't it? Extra sturdy frame This sturdy BMX invites you to make stunts and jumps at high speed. This of course requires a frame that is as sturdy as possible. You can rely on the light steel frame, so all you have to do is think about which stunt you want to perform. Do that at high speed, and it feels like you're flying the AMIGO Fly! Never lose control Details make the difference! We are convinced of that at AMIGO. The handles on the AMIGO Fly therefore have a raised edge. This way the hands stay on the handlebars, and they don't slide away halfway through a stunt. This way they stay close to the handbrakes: safety guaranteed! The bike for you Are you looking for a robust and tough BMX? Then the AMIGO Fly is your ideal candidate. Because the bike is very light, but above all very sturdy, you can do the coolest stunts! AMIGO At AMIGO we have a bike for everyone! Genuine Dutch design, at a very friendly price. From cheerful children's bikes to bikes for adults: the quality is always high. The bikes have a stable frame and are available in numerous colors and different tire sizes. Have you also discovered our new electric bikes? The collection at AMIGO is constantly growing, so you too can find your cycling buddy. General specifications: Colour: black/blue Gender: junior Frame material: steel Weight: approx. 12.5 kg Tyres: black pneumatic tyres AMIGO M1500 20 x 2.00 inch (50-406) Rims: single wall aluminium rims Gears: 1 Specifications sizes: Wheel size: 20 inch Frame size: 35,5 cm Top tube size: 47 cm Saddle height: 64.5 cm (in the lowest position, measured from the ground) Seat height adjustable: yes Specifications brakes: Rear brake type: v-brake Front brake type: v-brake Specifications lighting: Front light: reflector Rear light: reflector Specifications accessories: Chain guard: open chain guard Bicycle bell: no Bicycle stand: no