Mini Boy fietskar 12 Inch Unisex Black

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Artikelnummer: 4078
Leverantör: Roland
Roland Mini Boy fietskar The Roland Mini Boy Luggage cart is a practical, solid bicycle trailer that is ideal for transporting, for example, the groceries or your dog. The Mini Boy can easily be attached to the seatpost and has a load capacity of 50 kg. The cart is supplied with material for attaching the drawbar to the saddle. This coupling is permanently attached to the bicycle; the connection and disconnection is a piece of cake. The frame is made of steel and the container itself is made of impact-resistant plastic. Specifications: Colour black Wheel size: 12 inches Easy to mount on the seat post Equipped with side reflectors Own weight: 10 kg Outside size: 60 x 40 x 32.5 cm Inside dimensions: 56 x 36 x 32 cm Container content: 60 liters Maximum payload: 50 kg Note: The cart is delivered without a lid, it is available separately.