Paw Patrol 12 Inch 23 cm Boys Coaster Brake Red/Blue

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Learning to ride a bike takes time, courage and perseverance! But with Paw Patrol, "Anything is PawSible. The red and blue Paw Patrol children's bike from Nickelodeon (with a wheel size of 12 inches) is perfect for the novice cyclist. GOOD RUN A good base is the beginning of everything! That is why the best materials have been used for this children's bike. The steel frame guarantees a safe and robust quality. The removable side wheels serve as an extra help support. In addition, the closed chaincase prevents tears and dirt in clothing. Striking but safe on the road This cheerful Paw Patrol bike catches the eye immediately! Highly recommended for fans of the exciting series of the same name. With a wheel size of 12 inches, the bike is suitable for the little ones. The pinch brake on the front wheel helps you to reduce speed and with the coaster brake you stand still within seconds. Growth bike! How quickly they grow up! And to give them a new bike every year is something they don't want. We have thought about that. The Paw Patrol bike has an adjustable saddle and adjustable handlebars! So your little one can enjoy it extra long. Let's ride! We can all remember it, the first ride on a bike. And how important it was to find the perfect bike with a cool look. That's why the Paw Patrol Born Brave boys' bike from Nickelodeon is the ideal kids' bike to reach real top speeds! General Specifications: Color: red, blue, yellow Gender: boys Material frame: steel Material rims: steel Tires: pneumatic tires (black) Age indication: 2 to 4 years Max. loadable weight: 60 kg Weight: approx. 9.6 kg Specifications sizes: Wheel size: 12 inches Frame size: 23 cm Inseam length: 43-47 cm Suitable for body height: 90-105 cm Adjustable saddle height: yes, 38-42 cm Handlebar adjustable in height: yes Brake specifications: Front brake type: pinch brake Type rear brake: coaster brake Lighting specifications: Lighting front: reflector Lighting rear: reflector Specifications accessories: Mudguards: yes, above front and rear wheel Side wheels: yes, detachable Chain guard: closed Steering plate: yes