Puppies 12 Inch 21,5 cm Girls Fixed Gear Light blue

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Artikelnummer: 1014782
Leverantör: Toimsa
This super cute Toimsa Puppies children's bike is perfect for the novice cyclist. The 12-inch girls' bike (with a frame size of 21.5 centimeters) is carried out in soft but cheerful colors. The light blue bike has a weight of 8.5 kg and is equipped with knee brake on the front wheel. With the print of the sweet puppies you will happily cycle to your girlfriends! Small but tough To quickly learn to ride a bike, a stable base is the perfect start. The strong steel frame of this children's bike is extra stable thanks to the removable side wheels. The handles provide the right grip, which is only a good start for the first activities on the bike. The closed chain guard prevents dangerous situations such as snagging clothes or trapped fingers Smoothly on your way with cute puppies There you go. Effortlessly cycle past everyone, but watch out! Will you hold back on oncoming traffic? The pinch brake on the front wheel will help you slow down. Color bomb! The crazy color combination of light blue, white, pink and purple makes you shine every time you ride your bike. Put some goodies in the bicycle basket and you're ready for a nice picnic. The Toimsa Puppies children's bike is suitable for ages three to five. General specifications: Color: light blue, white, pink, purple Gender: girls Material frame: steel Material rims: plastic Dimensions: 88 x 50 x 66 cm (L x W x H) Stem: fixed Seat post suspension: no Front fork suspension: no Age indication: 3 to 5 years Package weight: 9 kg Weight bicycle: approx. 8,5 kg Specifications sizes: Wheel size: 12 inch Frame size: 21,5 cm Suitable for body length: 90-105 cm Specifications brakes: Front brake type: knee brake Rear brake type: internal pedal Specifications of accessories: Mudguards: yes, above front and rear wheel Wheels: starwheels (massive tires) Side wheels: yes, detachable Chain guard: closed Bike basket: yes