Amigo Rider 24 Inch 36 cm Junior 21SP Rim Brakes Black

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Kids get very excited about cruising through the woods and like to brave all the off-road roads. The 24 inch AMIGO Rider can do it all! The bike is made of strong and durable materials, so it can stand up to a lot of wear and tear. Amigo's Rider is a hardtail mountain bike, which means that the bike only has suspension in the front fork. Let the kids ride around on this cool black Rider mountain bike from AMIGO! The plus points  [Thanks to the V-brakes, children can race safely in the woods [+] The tires are an all-rounder thanks to the rough profile on the sides [Made of lightweight material, ideal for novice mountain bikers [No lights available Great for beginning mountain bikers  This tough mountain bike invites you to ride fast and take sharp turns on a variety of surfaces. This hardtail MTB is efficient while pedaling is fast on flat trails. The aluminum frame makes this Rider lightweight and therefore great for beginning mountain bikers on easy terrain. The maintenance of a hardtail mountain bike is easy. The right choice of tires Tires are an important part of the MTB. Children like to ride on all kinds of surfaces, which is why the right choice of tires is especially important. Without the right tires, they still have no challenge and can give a bad riding experience. The Rider from AMIGO features CST C1820 50-507 tires. These tires are an all-rounder due to the coarse tread on the sides. The tires on the Rider are great for riding in sand or gravel, but the continuous center line means you can also ride hard on asphalt. Easy Switching  The 21 gears allow children to shift gears quickly. This makes cycling easier and more challenging. The Rider of AMIGO is equipped with a Shimano Derailleur gear. With a Shimano gear you are always assured of quality. Put the MTB in the right gear to easily cycle up and down hills. The Rider is ideal for long and tough cycling trips off road. Powerful effect and shorter braking distance The Rider from AMIGO is equipped with V-brakes. V-brakes are known for a powerful effect and a shorter braking distance. They are located on the front and rear of the mountain bike. The V-brakes allow kids to safely cross in the woods! In addition, this MTB is equipped with an adjustable stand, so children can safely park their bikes anywhere at any time. Unexpected situations Safety is very important when mountain biking. Crossing through the woods is great fun, but unexpected situations can also occur. It is important that children wear a good and safe helmet. It is also important that they are properly visible at dusk or in the dark. The Rider of AMIGO does not come standard with a lighting set, so it is important to choose a front and rear light. It is also important to check whether the lighting set is waterproof and can take a beating. This ensures that children remain visible even in the event of a fall or downpour. AMIGOready to move  AMIGO gets you moving! With products with a fun and fresh design, at a surprisingly low price. The AMIGO collection consists of (electric) bicycles, bicycle parts and accessories, scooters, skates and balance bikes. Available to everyone, because very competitively priced. AMIGO makes your leisure time just that little bit more fun. AMIGO ready to move! General specifications: Color: Black Model color: Black Flat Glossy (YS-728) Handlebar color: black Saddle color: black Gender: junior Frame material: aluminium Material rim: aluminium Material front fork: aluminium Saddle type: Selle Royal 6550 Grips: YP VLG-172 Seat post: fixed (Patent 27.2) Front fork: suspended Drive: chain Gear specifications:  Gears: 21 Gear shift type: derailleur (Shimano RD 21SP TX800) Specifications sizes: Wheel size: 24 inch Frame size: 36 cm Specifications tires: Type of tires: C1820 50-507 (black) Type of rims: Airtec 3 DW Alu Black 13G Type of spokes: Sapim SS 13G Brake Specifications: Front brake type: V-brake Rear brake type: V-brake Specifications of accessories: Bike stand: yes, adjustable Bicycle bell: yes Lock: no