Cargo 28 Inch 57 cm Women 7SP Roller brakes Matte black

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Leverantör: Avalon
This black Avalon Cargo transport bike is your luxury aluminum workhorse for every day! This solid transport bike will effortlessly cycle you through all the challenges of the day! User-friendly The 28 inch tires and 57 cm frame size ensure a comfortable ride. The seven Shimano gears ensure that no bridge is too high or headwind too strong. The double leg stand and handlebar lock ensure that the bike remains firmly in place. In addition, the transport bike has a closed chain guard, which ensures that no dirt or water gets on your clothes. The front carrier makes this bike user-friendly, so you can easily transport all kinds of stuff Safety Thanks to the roller brakes you can safely stop when you need to. The AXA solid plus ring lock ensures that you can safely park your bike wherever you want. In addition, the Cargo is equipped with a bell and front and rear lights, so you are clearly visible in the dark. General specifications: Color: matt black Gender: ladies Material frame: steel Material rim: aluminium Stem: fixed Seat post suspension: no Front fork suspension: no Weight: 20 kg Specifications sizes: Wheel size: 28 inch Frame size: 57 cm Handlebar width: 56 cm Dimensions front carrier: 25 x 30 x 30 cm (L x W x H) Gear specifications: Gears: Shimano N3 Gear type: hub gear Specifications brakes: Type of brake: roller brakes Specifications lighting: Lighting front: battery lighting Lighting rear: battery lighting Specifications accessories: Chain guard: closed Bike stand: double Lock: AXA Solid plus ring lock Handlebar clamp: yes Bicycle bell: yes