Daily Dutch Prestige 28 Inch 59 cm Women 3SP Coaster Brake Matte black

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Are you looking for a bike on which to carry your heavy book bag or large sports bag effortlessly? The traditionally shaped Daily Dutch Prestige transport bike is equipped with double luggage carrier. No bag is too much! Both front and rear luggage for school or sports activities can easily be carried. This matte black 28-inch bike from Popal (with a frame size of 59 centimeters) has beautiful brown contrasting details. Super functional Problems with headwinds or hills are a thing of the past. With the Daily Dutch Prestige you cycle through or over them effortlessly. The transport bike is equipped with three Shimano Nexus gears. That is optimal benefit of all surfaces and weather conditions. Is it going a bit too fast? No problem, the Shimano C3000 Rollebrake front brake and the Shimano back-pedal brake ensure that you quickly pick up the pace! Park your bike safely and securely after your ride thanks to the ring lock (AXA Defender ART**), the double stand and the handlebar lock. Stylish and safe on the road The traditionally shaped frame of the matte black transport bike is made of lightweight aluminum and features a closed chain guard. The brown colored handles and saddle add a nice touch to the design. Give a ring to the bike bell, and you'll tear past in style! Besides looking good on the bike, you also want to be seen in the dark or at dusk. The Popal Daily Dutch Prestige is equipped with LED lights, making you highly visible both front and back. A bike without concessions Are you looking for a bike for daily use that has everything you really need? This traditional transport bike makes cycling extra fun and transporting luggage very easy. Did you know that the Popal Daily Dutch Prestige was voted Best Tested in the AD School Bicycle Test 2023 in the category School Bicycle Non Electric? Strong, fast, comfortable and indestructible "All day, every day" that's what this bike stands for. General specifications: Frame color: matte black Model type: Daily Dutch Prestige (S0101) Gender: women Material frame: aluminium Material rims: aluminium Wheel size: 28 inch Frame size: 59 cm Handlebar stem: fixed Seat post suspension: no Suspension fork: no Weight: approx. 28 kg Gear specifications: Gears: 3 (Shimano Nexus) Gear type: hub gear Brake specifications: Front brake type: Rollerbrake (Shimano C3000) Rear brake type: coaster brake (Shimano) Lighting specifications: Front lights: yes, battery-powered LED lights Rear lights: yes, battery operated led lights Specifications accessories: Mudguards: yes, above front and rear wheel Stand: yes, double leg Chain guard: closed Front carrier: yes Carrier: yes Quick tires: yes Bell: yes Handlebar lock: yes Lock: yes, ring lock (AXA Defender, ART** suitable for insurance)