Dots 20 Inch 28 cm Girls Coaster Brake Pink

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Artikelnummer: 310802
Leverantör: AMIGO
AMIGO Dots girls-bike The AMIGO Dots is fully equipped with useful accessories. There is enough room on the front and rear carrier for all school supplies, sports equipment and toys. Safety comes first, so it is equipped with strong brakes and bright LED lights so kids can zoom through traffic safely. This children's bike is a lot of fun! Safety first This super fun bike is equipped with front and rear lights and has several reflectors between the spokes and in the pedals. So you can cycle safely in the dark. The bike is also equipped with a back-pedal brake and a hand brake for the front wheel. This way you can brake quickly in all kinds of situations and stay out of dangerous situations. Take your things with you You don't leave your things behind, you take them with you! At AMIGO we understand this like no other. For example, you have a rack on the front of your bike on which you can put a crate or basket to easily carry your things. This way you can have even more adventures with your favourite things! The right saddle Sitting on a bike is very important, especially for growing children. That is why we pay extra attention to the ergonomics of the saddle. The saddle sinks in just far enough, and the springs at the bottom ensure that the bumps in the road are absorbed. Of course the saddle also looks nice! The bike for you Are you looking for a beautiful and handy bike that you can cycle to everywhere with? Then the AMIGO Dots is the ideal bike for you! Wherever you go, you can always take your things with you. AMIGO At AMIGO we have a bike for everyone! Genuine Dutch design, at a very friendly price. With these cheerful bikes, children can make their first little trips through the streets. The sturdy training wheels help children to keep their balance while they get used to the pedal and steering movements. The bicycles have a stable frame and are available in numerous colours and different tyre sizes. Will AMIGO be your new best friend? General specifications: Colour: pink Gender: girls Frame material: steel Weight: approx. 14,7 kg Tyres: white tyres AMIGO Storm 20 x 2.00 inch (50-406) Rims: single wall aluminium rims Gears: 1 Specifications sizes: Wheel size: 20 inch Frame size: 28 cm Saddle height: 63,7 cm (in the lowest position, measured from the ground) Seat height adjustable: yes Specifications brakes: Rear brake type: back-pedal brake Front brake type: v-brake Specifications lighting: Front light: led lighting on battery Rear light: led lighting battery operated Specifications accessories: Chain guard: closed chain guard Bicycle bell: yes Bicycle stand: yes