Spring 14 Inch 21 cm Girls Coaster Brake White/Pink

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Leverantör: AMIGO
AMIGO Spring girls-bike On the AMIGO Spring it is always spring! And spring naturally invites you to go outside. Luckily, this bike is totally ready for that. With a front carrier for all your stuff and a seat for your doll, you will be well prepared. And if the weather turns bad, the mudguards will keep your clothes clean. Training wheels for stability Nothing is as difficult as finding your balance on a bike. That is why these training wheels are perfect for those who want to learn how to ride a bike. The training wheels allow you to practice pedalling and steering so you can get used to it. The high quality wheels are made of steel and plastic, and therefore offer a lot of support. And with older children, you can remove them without any problems. Never lose control Details make the difference! We are convinced of that at AMIGO. The handles on the AMIGO Fly therefore have a raised edge. This way the hands stay on the handlebars, and don't slide away halfway through a stunt. This way they stay close to the handbrakes: safety guaranteed! Take your doll everywhere You don't leave your dolls behind, you take them with you! At AMIGO we understand that like no other. And taking them along in your bag is no fun for any doll. Therefore we have carefully made doll seats and put them on the back of the AMIGO Spring. This way you will have even more adventures with your favorite dolls! The bike for you Are you looking for a beautiful and handy bike that you can use to go anywhere? Then the AMIGO Spring is the ideal bike for you! Wherever you go, you can always take your doll with you in the back seat! AMIGO At AMIGO we have a bike for everyone! Real Dutch design, and for a very friendly price. With these cheerful bikes, children can make their first small trips through the streets. The sturdy training wheels help children to keep their balance while they get used to the pedal and steering movements. The bicycles have a stable frame and are available in numerous colours and different tyre sizes. Will AMIGO be your new best friend? General specifications: Colour: white, pink Gender: girls Frame material: steel Weight: approx. 11.2 kg Tyres: pink pneumatic tyres AMIGO Venom 14 x 2.00 inch (50-254) Rims: single wall aluminium rims Gears: 1 Specifications sizes: Wheel size: 14 inch Frame size: 21.3 cm Saddle height: 50 cm (in the lowest position, measured from the ground) Seat height adjustable: yes Specifications brakes: Rear brake type: back-pedal brake Front brake type: V-brake Specifications accessories: Chain guard: closed chain guard Wheels: yes, detachable Lighting: front and rear reflectors with bracket Doll's seat: yes, at the back Bicycle bell: yes