Sturdy 28 Inch 53 cm Women 3SP Coaster Brake Matte black

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Leverantör: AMIGO
The AMIGO Sturdy is a transport bike that stylishly takes you and your belongings to the right destination! There is enough room for your book bag, laptop bag or sports bag on the front carrier and rack. This matte black transport bike has a nice color contrast thanks to the brown details. The 28-inch women's bike (with a frame size of 53 centimeters) is therefore ideal for any occasion. Together with the gears (Shimano Nexus 3) you will cycle through the week without any problems. The pluses at a glance: [+] Low-maintenance hub gear Shimano Nexus 3 [+] Effective braking system with back-pedal brake and V-brake [-] Excluding quick release straps, but easy to mount A robust foundation The sturdily built steel frame of the AMIGO Sturdy will take you from one location to another without any problems. For example, the transport bike is equipped with Shimano Nexus 3, with these gears no resistance is too much. In addition, of course, a good braking system should not be missing. A simple but very effective way of braking is certainly the back-pedal brake on the rear wheel. This is combined with V-Brake on the front wheel. For extra safety, the transport bike is equipped with front light, rear light and reflectors on the spokes. Infinite space for luggage The Sturdy transport bike is equipped with enough possibilities to transport your belongings in an easy way. There is plenty of room on the front carrier and luggage carrier. Combine the front carrier with a sturdy bicycle crate or an attractive rattan basket. Get the most out of the carrier with speedbinders, a bicycle bag or a bike seat. Arriving at your destination, lock the bike with the ring lock. Parking is not only safe but also stable thanks to the double stand. Always ready to go! On the sturdily designed AMIGO Sturdy you will feel completely at ease. From intensive sports training to your busy work week to relaxing at home again. Robust and powerful, the perfect women's bike that will get you going in any situation. Discover the versatility of this practical transport bike. AMIGO, ready to move AMIGO gets you moving! With products with a fun and fresh design, at a surprisingly low price. The AMIGO collection consists of (electric) bikes, bike parts and accessories, scooters, skates and balance bikes. Available to everyone, because very competitively priced. So AMIGO also makes your free time just that little bit more fun. AMIGO ready to move! General specifications: Color: matte black Color details: Brown Color model: Black, Brown Gender: ladies Material frame: steel Material rim: aluminium Tires: CST Classic Zeppelin (brown/black) Saddle: Rimani Attiu (black) Handlebars: Herrmans 90 (brown) Wheel size: 28 inch Frame size: 53 cm Handlebar stem: fixed Suspension seat post: no Suspension fork: no Weight: 25 kg Gear specifications: Gears: 3 (Shimano Nexus) Gear type: hub gear Drive: chain Brake specifications: Front brake type: V-Brake Rear brake type: coaster brake Lighting specifications: Front lights: battery-operated Rear lights: battery operated Specifications accessories: Bike stand: yes, double leg Chain guard: closed (lacquer cloth) Front carrier: yes Luggage carrier: yes Bell: yes Lock: ring lock