26 Inch 56 cm Unisex 7V Disc Brake Black

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With the electric cargo bike from AMIGO the possibilities are endless! Whether you are taking your children to school, to the store or to any other destination with this convenient means of transport you can put anything you want. This 26 inch cargo bike (with a frame size of 56 centimeters) has an extremely stable road handling and comfortable ride. Equipped with a matte black frame and a dark brown cargo box. With its 3 wheels, Shimano Acera 7 derailleur gears, 468Wh battery and Bafang rear-wheel motor, you have everything under control. Everyone in, on and riding! The pluses at a glance: [+] Energetic 468Wh battery and Bafang H400 45Nm rear wheel motor [+] Direct shifting with the Shimano Acera 7 derailleur gears [+] Great stopping power thanks to Saccon disc brakes [+] Includes hood for a guaranteed dry ride [+] Four seats in the body with safety belts and seat cushions [+] Maximum load weight of 250 kg (incl. 70 kg own weight) [-] Exclusive lock-in chain, ring lock can be used The Bafang H400 rear wheel motor A rear wheel motor, as the name suggests, is positioned in the axis of the rear wheel. This gives a natural cycling feeling where it feels like you are constantly cycling with the wind at your back. However, this makes changing the rear wheel or changing the rear tire a bit more difficult. With 45Nm, the Bafang H400 has excellent power. But what does that actually mean? Nm stands for Newton meters, and expresses the tractive force (also called torque) of the motor. The more Nm, the more powerful the motor. 45Nm is usually appropriate for flat terrain. The sensor that moves you forward! For the Bafang H400 motor to do its job, a sensor is built in, in this case a rotation sensor. This registers the rotation of the bottom bracket and signals when the motor should spring into action. This does not happen immediately when starting off but is only noticeable from a certain rotation also called frequency. A rotation sensor only measures pedaling frequency (not pedaling force) and compares it to the selected level of assistance. So in short, this type is less precisely tuned to your actions, causing the bike to react with a slight delay. But on the other hand, you also need to provide very little of your own power and cycle more easily at a continuous speed. The power that matters The battery is the power system that makes the motor run. 468Wh on a fully charged battery provides a range from 37 kilometers to a maximum of 66 kilometers in the most optimal conditions. In average use, this is more or less around 47 kilometers. Please note, the higher the assistance setting you use, the more energy your battery consumes. Therefore, when considering the range, keep in mind that various factors (such as weight, resistance, weather conditions, tire pressure, shifting behavior, road surface, type of landscape whether hilly or flat) can influence the length or duration of your bike ride. The dashboard of the bike Control the level of support through the DP E08.CAN display on the handlebar. The LED display is positioned on the left side of the handlebar, allowing you to control everything in a safe and ergonomic way. This type of display has five assistance levels and a Walk Assist function. With the latter also known as walk assist function, you can easily take the cargo bike with you by the hand. Furthermore, the display also shows an indication of the battery level. Find out even more about the Bafang DP E08.CAN in the manual (under downloads). The brake & acceleration system Let's start with the gears. This cargo bike features a host of 7 Shimano Acera gears. The light-weight derailleur gears are common on sportier bikes. A derailleur has no (closed) chaincase, making maintenance and adjustment fairly easy. However, this type of gear does require more frequent maintenance. When shifting gears, the chain moves in steps from one sprocket to the next. This allows very direct shifting with small intermediate steps and a wide range of gear options. Then over to the braking system. With the Saccon disc brakes you deliver powerful braking results with little power of your own and come to a stop effortlessly. Moreover, they are low maintenance and last considerably. Ample carrying capacity The loadable weight of this cargo bike is 250 kg (incl. 70 kg. own weight cargo bike). Suitable for transporting children, groceries or heavy elements. Also useful to know, there is room for a total of four children. They can sit on one of the two benches (equipped with seat cushions), which are of course equipped with safety belts. Moreover, there is a hood with the bike, so you can keep the cargo of the box dry. Dimensions of the bucket are: 88 x 59.5 x 52.5 centimeters (measured from the inside). The battery can be found on the back of the cargo box. Finally, this electric cargo bike is equipped with rear light, double headlight and Abus Shield 5650 ring lock. General specifications: Color: matte black Gender: unisex Material frame: aluminum Material rim: aluminum (double-walled) Material bin: wood Tires: anti-leak tires Spokes: STAINLESS STEEL Handlebar stem: fixed Seat post suspension: no Suspension fork: no Weight: approx. 70 kg Specifications dimensions: Wheel size front: 20 inches Wheel size rear: 26 inch Frame size: 56 cm Overall length: 217 cm Width full: 82 cm Height with hood full: 128 cm Height without hood full: 120 cm Container length: 88 cm (inside) Container width: 59.5 cm (inside) Container height: 52.5 cm (inside) Specifications bin: Max. load capacity: 250 kg (incl. 70 kg own weight cargo bike) Number of seats: 2 benches, 4 seats Safety belts: yes Cushions: yes Canopy: yes Gear specifications: Gears: 7 (Shimano Acera) Gear type: derailleur Drive type: chain Specifications motor: Drive position: rear Type of motor: Bafang H400 rear wheel motor Traction force (torque): 45 Nm Pedal assistance sensor type: rotation sensor Battery specifications: Battery position: on frame (rear of bin) Battery type: Lithium Ion Battery capacity: 468Wh (WorldPower) Nominal voltage: 36V Nominal capacity: 13Ah Battery charging time: approx. 6.5 hours Removable battery: yes Range: ±47 KM (average consumption) MIN/MAX range: 37-66 KM Max. speed: 25 km/h Display specifications: Display type: led Display model: Bafang DP E08.CAN Display position: left Detachable display: no Operation: see manual (under downloads) Number of support modes: 5 levels Speed indication: no Battery percentage: yes Walk Assist: yes Brake specifications: Front brake type: disc brakes (Saccon) Rear brake type: disc brakes (Saccon) Double parking brake: yes Lighting specifications: Front lights: dual headlights, battery-operated Rear lights: battery operated Specifications accessories: Chain guard: pistol type Luggage carrier: yes Quick tires: yes Bell: yes Lock: yes, ring lock with insert option (Abus Shield 5650, ART** suitable for insurance)