412UL-R88 12 Inch 21 cm Boys Fixed Gear Green

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Leverantör: Dino
For all boys who want to cycle to school quickly and look cool, the 412UL-R88 from Dino (with a wheel size of 10 inches) is the ultimate bike. This green children's bike is not only sturdy and safe, but also looks super cool. The bike has a cool handlebar and is equipped with mudguards. A sporty bike for the little ones to ride independently The first tour! A good basis is the beginning of everything! That's why we used the sturdiest possible frame and non-slip pedals for this bicycle. With the removable training wheels you are extra stable. The closed chain guard and the mudguards prevent tears and dirt in clothing. Braking is easy with the pinch brake on the left side of the handlebars Striking on the road This children's bike immediately catches the eye because of its bright green color and cool details! With a wheel size of 12 inches, the bike is suitable for younger children aged 2 to 4 years. The bike has removable training wheels. Once cycling gets better, you can go a step further without training wheels The best (first) bike choice This boys bike from Dino is a good basis for the first pedal movements. The 412UL-R88 is lightning fast and safe! Draw all the attention on the streets with this cool bike. Every child can and wants to learn how to ride this bike! General specifications: Color: green Gender: boys Material frame: steel Material mudguards: plastic Material tires: EVA Handlebar stem: fixed Seat post adjustable: no Front fork suspended: no Gears: none Load capacity: max. 40 kg Weight: approx. 6,8 kg Age indication: from 2 to 4 years Specifications sizes: Wheel size: 12 inches Frame size: 21 cm Specifications brakes: Front brake type: knee brake Rear brake type: pedal Specifications accessories: Chain guard: closed Mudguards: yes, above front- and rear wheel Anti-slip pedals: yes Sideswheels: yes Steering board: yes Stand: no