Agora 26 Inch 43 cm Women 6SP Rim Brakes Ivory white

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Artikelnummer: 377315
Leverantör: MBM
This Agora women's bicycle from MBM is ideal for running errands or picking up the kids after school, but also doubles as a hobby bike. The ivory white color gives this oversized bike with flattened tubes a fresh look. This bike really has it all! This bike with 26-inch wheels really has it all! The ring lock allows you to put this ivory white bike anywhere. The half-closed chain guard prevents rips and dirt on your clothes. The front carrier makes it very easy to transport your things and the sturdy carrier can also take some weight. With no less than six gears you will never have heavy legs while cycling. In addition, this bike has a front and rear light, both of which run on batteries. That makes this Agora women's bicycle perfect for every woman! General specifications: Color: ivory white Material frame: steel Material rims: aluminium Frame: oversized with flattened tubes Gender: ladies Saddle: Selle Bassano Handlebar stem: fixed Suspension fork: no Suspension seat post: no Weight: 16 kg Specifications sizes: Wheel size: 26 inch Frame height: 43 cm Step height: 46 cm Specifications brakes: Front brake: yes (V-brake) Rear brake: yes (V-brake) Gear specifications: Number of gears: 6 (Tourney Revoshift) Gear shift type: derailleur Specifications lighting: Front light: battery light Rear light: battery powered Specifications accessories: Stand: no Lock: ring lock Luggage carrier: yes Speedbinders: no Front carrier: yes Chain guard: steel, half closed