Bearer design universal E-Bike matt black

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Artikelnummer: 131698
Leverantör: Steco
Steco Structure Bearer Universal E-Bike This setup support, you can put on top of your existing roof rack, so you can still use a carrier, for example a child seat or the like to mount as the original carrier is not suitable for. It comes standard safety belt, which must be attached to the seat post. Color: Matt Black Material: Aluminum Dimensions: 32.5 x 16.5 x 5 cm (Lx W x H) Tube diameter: 12.2 mm Including safety band (This is intended to be attached to the seat post). - With clear instructions. The set-up carrier is suitable for: Ecomo Speed 7 Speed 27 Ecomo Sports Dimensions of existing carrier where this product can be mounted: - Maximum width 18 cm - Minimum width 12 cm