bicycle basket Denver front/rear 22 litres brown - 15011

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Artikelnummer: 5237
Leverantör: Basil
Basil Denver bicycle basket The Basil Denver is a wicker basket that fits virtually any ladies bicycle. The oval basket can easily be attached with double hooks to your handlebars or carrier. Are you looking for a neat bike basket with a natural look? Then the Basil Denver basket is definitely something for you. The basket always comes in handy during your weekly visit to the local market. You can easily put fruit and bread in it. The basket is also very handy for your daily shopping in the supermarket. This Basil bicycle basket has a handle so you can easily carry it over your arm. Specifications: Basil code: 15011 Colour: brown Material: reed Position: front or back Content: 22 liters Dimensions: 37 x 27 x 22 cm Fastening: with hooks Removable: yes