bicycle seat behind White basic element (Q110)

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Qibbel basic element rear bicycle seat (Q110) The rear seat is designed for Dutch children: extra spacious because Dutch children have grown up on average in recent years. The bike seat shell has a strong sandwich construction consisting of a combination of plastic and metal, which provides extra strength. The seat is suitable for children from 9 months up to an age of about 6 years or up to 22 kg. Sleep mode An important advantage of the Qibbel rear seat is that it is adjustable in sleeping position. With the seat in sleep mode, the child can be transported asleep during the bike ride. The sleep mode can also be used for a slight tilt backwards so that the child is more comfortable without sleeping. Adjustable to size To ensure that your child is always comfortable and safe, the seat can be adjusted to your child's size at a number of points. The belt system is easily adjustable to your child's shoulder height. The belt itself is adjustable so that it always fits well. The belt system has a secure three-point fastener. The footrests can also be easily adjusted to the size of your child without tools. Specifications Suitable for children: approx. 9 months to 6 years Color: white Load capacity: 9 to 22 kg Integrated, adjustable belt system. Adjustable footrests With sleep mode Excluding mounting Please note: the seats, belts and foot straps are not included as standard and can be ordered separately in a styling set.