Bike Computer Pure 1 ATS wireless black / white

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Artikelnummer: 119937
Leverantör: Sigma
Sigma Pure 1 ATS bike computer The Sigma Pure is a lightweight, easy to use bicycle computer for the recreational cyclist. The Sigma is characterized by the large display and the flat modern design. The simple one-button operation and easy mounting your bike so it away. Recreational cyclists want to know two things: speed, distance and riding time. That's exactly what the Sigma represents Pure. The Pure 1 ATS is wireless. This bike computer offers the following features: - Current speed - Trip distance / travel time - Total mileage - Total ride time - Analog encrypted wireless transmission - 2 hours auto start-stop - Setting wheel size specifications: Connectivity: Wireless Cadence: no The computer has Microsoft and Mac compatible. Color: black / white Size: 4 x 5.5 x 1 cm Content: - Bike Computer - Batteries - Holder - ATS transmitter - Fasteners - Manual