bike holder with cover FitClic NeoForward iPhone XR

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Tigra Sport FitClic Neo Bike Kit bike holder with cover The phone FitClic Neocase has a strong construction and is made of polycarbonate. On the inside is a shock-absorbing frame that optimally protects your phone. This cover can be combined with all FitClic Neophone holders. The FitClic Neophone holder can be attached to a round rod, tube or handlebar with a diameter of 20-45 mm. The position of this holder is forward on the handlebar, so your eyes don't have to go off the road. The holder is easily adjustable for the best viewing angle. Suitable for all surfaces thanks to its shock-absorbing properties How to work FitClic Neo: There are six small magnets on the inside of the FitClic Neosystem. The magnets are so small that they don't affect the smartphone system. As soon as a FitClic Neocase comes into contact with a holder, a mechanical rotary lock engages automatically. The holder lock rotates and folds open, ensuring that the case is securely and securely fastened. Once the two FitClic Neoelements are in place, the lock can only be opened by means of a hinge. Simply turn the hinge with your finger and the case can be removed from the holder. This operation is easy to use and can be operated with one hand Specifications: Colour: black Suitable for: iPhone XR Dimensions phone case: 141.7 x 72.1 x 14.5 mm Mounting position: bicycle handlebar, handlebar stem Clamp diameter: 20 - 45 mm Material: hard plastic, polycarbonate Rotatable: 360 degrees Content: 1 Telephone holder 1 Telephone cover Fixing materials