brake pads 4R6E V-brake 72 mm 25 sets

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Artikelnummer: 256785
Leverantör: Simson
Simson brake pads 4R6E 25 sets in a carton The Simson Bulk V-brake brake pads are delivered in 25 sets in a handy, portable storage box. The brake pads are 72 mm wide and asymmetrical. Each set is individually packed and provided with its own unique barcode so that each set can be scanned. The brake pads are provided with the Simsonlogo and a marking with right or left which makes a correct installation easy. The soft compound of the brake pad provides a lot of braking power. Specifications: Color: black Material: rubber Brake pad width: 72 mm Number: 25 sets Content: 1 Storage box 25 Brake pad sets