Chainlock Linq with nylon cover 1000 x 9,5 mm black

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Artikelnummer: 130017
Leverantör: AXA
Axa chain lock Linq The Axa Linq 100 is an extra strong lock, in that the links extend into the closure. The flexible closure mechanism is actuated by a symmetric key so that it does not matter which side of the key can be inserted into your slot. The last link of the chain is fixed in the lock housing by a 'deadbolt' closure, for an extra secure connection. The rubber grips on the lock housing provide extra grip while operating your slot. This slot has a chain length of 100 cm and a thickness of 9.5 mm. The chain lock comes with a black cover. specifications: Colour Black Material chain: steel Cover material: Nylon Chain length: 100 cm Chain diameter: 9.5 mm Weight: 2660 grams Mark: ART-2 Content: 1 Chainlock 2 Keys