cover for frame battery Bosch black

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Leverantör: Basil
Basil cover for frame battery The Basil Battery Cover is a protective cover for the frame battery of the e-bike. The cover is suitable for both women's and men's bikes. The neoprene battery cover is made for the Bosch Active battery and the Performance Line frame battery. It offers optimal protection of your bicycle battery. This sleeve ensures thermal protection of the battery and prevents unnecessary cold. This prevents you from coming to a standstill on the way. Since this cover retains heat from the battery, it also improves the riding performance of your e-bike. The protective cover is not only ideal for extreme cold, but also prevents damage, scratches and unnecessary shocks to the frame battery. The cover has the necessary openings, so you can operate the battery without any problems or can easily check the remaining battery life Specifications: Color: black Material: neoprene Bicycle type: electric bicycle Suitable for: Bosch Active and Performance line frame battery Thickness: 4.5 millimetres Weight: 95 grams Suggested use: temperatures below 15 degrees Mounting: Velcro Dimensions: approx. 34 x 10 cm (L x W)