Cycling Chain Cleaner Gel 400 ml

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Artikelnummer: 113427
Leverantör: Motip
Motip Cycling chain cleaner gel. Content: 400 ml Cleaner with high resolution for chains and gears. Because of the unique formulation (a combination of a gel structure, the emulsifying properties and low evaporation rate) chain cleaner has an optimum cleaning effect. To remove grease and oil. MoTip Cycling Chain Cleaner has jetspray and a 360 ° valve. Applications: - Chains - Gears Use: - The aerosol room temperature. - The ideal processing temperature 5 to 30 ° C. - Before use, shake the aerosol. - The parts to be treated generously spray. A few minutes to soak, hereby rotate the chain quietly. Washdown. For stubborn stains, repeat the treatment.