Cycling Disc Conditioner 400 ml

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Motip disc Conditioner. Content: 400 ml Spray with high thermal stability for the conditioning of disc brakes. Disc brake conditioner prevents jamming and wear and resists chemicals, weathering, water, salt and weak acids and bases. MoTip Cycling Disc Brake Conditioner has excellent adhesion and a jetspray. Applications: - Disc Use: - The aerosol room temperature. - The ideal processing temperature 5 to 30 ° C. - Before use, shake the aerosol. - The deal disassemble brake pads. The pads and the brake disc clean with brake cleaner. The surface must be dry and free of grease. - Disc brake conditioner in a very thin layer by it several times briefly pressing the nozzle. - After assembly, in order to obtain an optimum braking capacity, while cycling several times of sudden braking.