Cycling Super Lubricant 400 ml

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Leverantör: Motip
Motip Cycling super lubricant. Content: 400 ml Low viscosity lubricant for the treatment of all non-matured, moving parts of bicycles, except for chains. Suitable for the treatment of sections of treated and untreated carbon, aluminum, steel and plastic. Super lubricant has a low coefficient of friction for minimal resistance. Super lubricant has an excellent lubricity, prevents wear and reduces the adhesion of dirt. MoTip Cycling Super Lubricant contains PTFE and is weather resistant and water repellent. Applications: - Front and rear derailleur - Shift cable - Brake - Gear - Brake - Final Use: - The aerosol room temperature. - The ideal processing temperature 5 to 30 ° C. - Before use, shake the aerosol. - The surface thoroughly. Super lubricant in a thin layer.