Cycling Tire Repair 75 ml

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Motip Cycling tire repair. Content: 75 ml Suitable for repairing small leaks. Based spray rubber to carry out emergency repairs to tires of bicycles and mopeds. MoTip Cycling Tyre Repair is easy to use and can be used without removing the tire. Use: - The aerosol temperature. - Ideal processing temperature 15 to 25 ° C. - Before use, shake the aerosol. - Detecting and removing the cause of the spill. - The band leave completely deflate. - The adapter on the valve screws. - The spray can keep the head and completely empty syringes. - To distribute the product evenly in the band, right around ten minutes. - Then let the propellant from the band escape and bring the band back on stress. - In case of repair indicate clearly, that the band with this product has been restored.